Clip ons for Kawasaki Ninja 400 41mm Clamp (race only setup)

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The motivation behind the Woodcraft 3-piece Split Clip-Ons is simple: installing- servicing- and removing clip-ons can be a real pain! With our 3-piece design we've eliminated the need to disassemble the front-end to service your Clip-Ons. These quality parts are made in the USA!

Kawasaki Ninja 400 Notes: This is a race only setup that will interfere with the OEM bodywork without mods.  This is- however- the exact setup that champion Rocco Landers and many of the top Ninja 400 riders used in Moto America.  These riders all installed steering stops to limit travel (which also kept the bars from hitting the bodywork).

Woodcraft's trademark 2-piece body clamp has been race proven for over 20 years and installs easier and faster than the competition. You will never have to disassemble your front end again just to change bars.

The universal replacement bars can pay for themselves in one crash! Most OEM bars are expensive 1-piece assemblies and require complete front end disassembly to replace. Woodcraft clipons utilize inexpensive and easy to find universal replacement bars that will help ensure that a minor tip over won't end your day at the track!

Extra time was taken on these pieces to make them lightweight- strong and great looking.