Engine Covers/Suzuki

Woodcraft Engine Covers are not only a work of art for your motorcycle, they'll outlast anything else on the market! They're race-proven through nearly two decades of testing to provide the most reliable and durable protection for your motorcycle. They'll help ensure that when your bike hits the ground vital fluids stay inside the motor and gravel will stay out, allowing you to get back to riding as soon as possible.

Protect your bike
Woodcraft Case Covers are designed to add strength, protect your motorcycle and look great. They're meticulously produced in the USA out of high-quality CNC carved billet that makes a statement about the quality of parts you put on your ride.

Protect yourself and other riders
Woodcraft Engine Covers help keep debris and dirt out of your engine while keeping the oil inside where it belongs. Not only is your bike protected, but you're protecting the racing surface and other riders behind you.
Internally bolted design
A Woodcraft exclusive! These O-ring sealed bolts make sure that a spill will not leave you drilling out mounting bolts that were ground smooth in the crash.
Replaceable Skid Pads
Woodcraft Engine Covers provide more value than some “one and done” carbon or plastic covers thanks to our patented replaceable skid pads for unmatched cover life. They're available in both stainless steel (for racing durability & ground clearance) or Double Thick Aluminum (street looks with extra thick protection for crash durability).
Customize your look

Any cover can be ordered with any skidpad, meaning you can customize the cover to suit your bike. Black covers with red pads? Aluminum with black? Be creative and make your bike an original!