35MM Rise Side Mount Adjustable Clip ons for BMW S1000RR

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These all new risers provide incredible opportunities for adjustment and will bolt right on your S1000RR!  Whether you're a sport bike rider looking for more comfort- or you ride a bike with handlebars that you wish had a sportier feel- these side mount adjustable risers are made to help you transform the feel of your bike!

Our 3-piece design is race proven and makes it easy to service your clipons below the triple clamp without having to disassemble the entire front end. Special attention has also been taken to save weight wherever possible on these clamps. Having an adjustable bar angle that uses a standard bar is a difference that will make your riding experience better! 

These clipons have a 35mm rise over a conventional race clipon and they have an adjustable bar angle between -7 and +7 degrees.  The 35mm designation is not a rise over your stock clip-ons- it is instead a rise over a traditional race clipon. 

How do they compare to stock position?
In the -7 degree position this clipon is very similar to your stock handlebars- and with the bar adjusted to a flatter angle you will get a higher bar position than OEM.  

If you have any questions please contact us at Woodcraft and we will be happy to guide you through the process for your individual motorcycle.  To see our recommendations for bars please click the red link above the "Select Options" bar above.