Universal Clipon Adapter Plate Assembly w/Riser and bar choice

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New for 2023 our Universal Clipon Adapter Plate Kit has everything you need to give adapter plate access to many makes and models, including rare bikes.


With this custom adapter plate and a little DIY hands-on work, you can get rid of your OEM handlebars for a more aggressive comfortable riding position.


We offer options from 1" to 3" standard risers as well as our 35 or 75mm adjustable angle risers to accomplish whatever you are looking for in a new riding position.


This kit includes everything you need to measure/drill and attach the Adapter Plate to your motorcycle.


If you have any questions on fitment and capability, please feel free to reach out to any of our office staff for assistance. 


NOTE: This kit assumes that your OEM mounting hardware is 8x1.25mm. This covers 90% of all motorcycles but before drilling be sure to check. If you have different hardware you will need a different drill bit (substitute for the 11/32 as described below) to complete this process