Offset Eccentric Footpeg Mount Plate Set

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The offset footpeg mounting plates are designed to give extra adjustment to
the location of the footpegs. An example of this would be a rider who has
knee issues and needs the pegs to be lower than is typical.

Note: These plates allow a very large range of adjustment (larger than is fully
usable on most models). The main offset plate provides an extra inch of
adjustment and the eccentric peg allows this to be fine tuned by an additional
¼” in 6 locations. As a result- riders need to take into consideration several
factors when installing these parts. These include the following:

      • Interference with other parts of the rearset or motorcycle
      • Distance between the footpeg and the shift / brake pedal

This offset plate will only work if your rearset bracket has eccentric footpegs and fitment was confirmed.