50-0338 Honda CBR600RR 2007-08 Frame Slider Kit

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Frame Sliders are one of the smartest investments you can make for your bike.

Our patented Woodcraft sliders have distinct advantages over the competition. Our 2-piece design with perpendicular mounting bolt provides greater durability with up to 50% more material to slide on and no open holes to get snagged on. Plus- there is no slider easier to service after a fall.

  • The fastest and easiest puck replacement on the market - the patented mounting system keeps hardware out of harms way!
  • We know customer service! All individual frame slider parts have replacements available.
  • All Woodcraft sliders are designed to the ideal length- giving you protection without too much projection.

This is a frame slider base kit with Short slider pucks.

Spare Parts
04-FH645Z - QTY: 2 FHCS M6-1.0 x 45- Zinc (6mm spools and 50-1199-45-0305FR)
04-SC1270F SHCS M12-1.25X70- Fine- 12.9 (-0337L-338R-339L/R-440R)
04-SC1280F SHCS M12-1.25X80- Fine- 12.9 (50-0337LR-0338L)
50-0338L 50-0338L Honda CBR1000RR 2008-20 LHS & RHS / CBR600RR 2007-2...
50-0338R 50-0338R Honday CBR600RR 2007-08 RHS Frame Slider Base only
50-1199 - QTY: 2 Shorty 1199 Slider Puck- Black Plastic