Hindle Evolution Full System Yamaha Vmax 1985-07

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Nearly 40 years of research and development has made Hindle a worldwide leader in performance aftermarket exhaust systems. The focus of Hindle designs is derived from founder Lang Hindle- whose pedigree includes decades of winning races and championships at the top levels of racing in North America. Lang understands the importance of what both street riders and racers really need from an exhaust system- and developed the full line of products around three important principles. Power throughout the entire range: It's easy to build an exhaust that makes a good top end number. However- riders spend only a small portion of their time in that very top RPM range. The challenge is to provide top end power together with an exceptional low and mid range curve - where riders spend most of their time. Hindle put in the time and effort to build systems without any "holes" in the curve. The result is a system that is not just more fun to ride- but which also produces faster lap times!!Light weight & durable: Hindle thin gauge stainless steel headers are so light that the weight is comparable to many titanium systems - but at a fraction of the cost! Stainless steel is also very durable and endures the rigors of the road and race track. The reduced weight of a Hindle system not only helps acceleration but it also helps with braking- cornering and even tire life!Value: In spite of their performance numbers and light weight- Hindle Exhausts are also exceptionally affordable. Hindle prides itself of delivering results at a price that allows you to spend more time on the road or the track. The Evolution and Evolution Megaphone mufflers couple with great style and that legendary Hindle sound- and Evolution mufflers use the longest lasting muffler packing in the industry. Value in this area means less time and money spent repacking mufflers and more time riding!Mufflers are available in Stainless Steel- Black Ceramic- Titanium or Carbon Fiber for most systems. All Hindle systems are still manufactured in North America by Lang and his dedicated crew. CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: All Hindle systems are designed and intended for closed-course competition use only. California customers please Click Here for additional information regarding specific restrictions.