50-1599 Domed 1599 Slider Puck, Black Plastic

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Replacement 1599 Domed Universal Slider Puck- Black Plastic This is slider puck will fit on all Woodcraft framle slider bases that use an 8mm retaining bolt (90% of all kits)

This puck is approximately 41.5 mm long and is about 75mm in diameter. The sloped edges on this puck help this puck resist getting caught on anything while the bike is sliding- and is our favorite puck to use where possible. This new puck was released in 2017- so we have not been able to test it on all of our older kits. If you have room for a puck that is roughly 3" in diameter on your frame slider base- this low profile puck is our #1 choice to use - especially if you are a racer. Sold as single parts (not in pairs)