95-010 Klucky Pucks Rain/Endurance - Dbl Thick

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Ranked #1 by Roadracing World among 19 pucks tested!  These pucks are proudly hand crafted in the USA and feature premium materials that make a difference that you can feel. These Double Thick pucks were originally designed for rain and edurance racing.  Endurance racers (and riders who compete on extremely abrasive racetracks) needed the longest possible life out of their pucks - and the Double Thick Klucky's were exactly what the doctor ordered!  What we didn't expect was the fantastic response from riders who ride traditional sprint races as well.  They also provide unmatched feel in wet conditions- where the extra thickness allows riders to get a knee down with significantly less lean angle.

Klucky Pucks are the choice of Woodcraft staff members and of top racers across the globe. The pucks are made of a proprietary plastic blend that provides the perfect combination of durability and feel. The pucks are set on a top quality genuine leather backing and utilize the strongest Velcro we've ever tried on ANY puck. Once you lock these pucks in place- they won't let you down! Sold in pairs.