13-0105 13.5 inch (Extra Long) Replacement handlebar , 7/8" silver

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Extra Long Replacement Bar (13.5" long) in silver. Made from aircraft grade 6061-T6 and comes complete with solid plastic bar ends on each side. These bars fit Woodcraft (and most other brand) aftermarket clipons. The 7/8" diameter bar fits 95% of all motorcycles made over the past several decades (main notable exceptions are Harley Davidson's and a few Triumph models). The inside diameter of these bars is 5/8". The plastic bar ends can be removed with a little elbow grease- allowing for the installation of Woodcraft heavy duty bar ends (light- heavy or hand guard mount) or a variety of other accessories. All bars are sold individually.

The 13.5" measurement is from end to end including the plastic bar ends.  These are standard on several adapter plate kits and used by many racers to leave extra room for things like hand guards.


The best way to remove the plastic bar ends is to use a vise. Clamp the vise onto the plastic dome and gently rock back and forth while pulling the bar away.