09-1149 Brake Pedal Assembly, Kawasaki ZX6R/636R 2009-22

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The CFM 3 piece brake pedals feature a hard anodized/Teflon coated pivot for smooth- long lasting operation. The pivot is extremely tough and will rarely break in the event of a crash. The main replacement shaft and lever tip are both individually replaceable and are far less expensive than an OEM pedal. These trademark CFM pieces are not only economical- but are also very easy to replace-saving time during a quick repair. However- you may not even need to replace them as we have seen our main shafts bent to nearly 90 degrees and back several times before breaking€š¬¦€š¬¦try THAT with your OEM pedal!!

This pedal will fit on OEM rearset brackets- but does not have provisions for pedal return springs or brake light switches.

This replacement pedal assembly is meant to be used Exclusively with Woodcraft Rearsets.