08-0201 Suzuki Shift Pedal Assembly - SV650 GP Shift 99-02

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The CFM 3 piece shift pedals feature a hard anodized/Teflon coated pivot for smooth- long lasting operation. The pivot is extremely tough and will rarely break in the event of a crash. The main replacement shaft and lever tip are both individually replaceable and are far less expensive than an OEM pedal. These trademark CFM pieces are not only economical- but are also very easy to replace-saving time during a quick repair. However- you may not even need to replace them as we have seen our main shafts bent to nearly 90 degrees and back several times before breaking……try THAT with your OEM pedal!! This pedals is used on most CFM Suzuki rearset kits. This shift pedal will also fit on OEM rearset brackets for all models that use this pedal in the rearset kit except on 04+ SV models. The OEM pedal can be used for GP shift pattern- but will requires flipping the shift knuckle on the motor which puts it in a vulnerable position and is more likely to cause damage to the knuckle as well as the motor in a crash. The Woodcraft pedal eliminates this issue by moving the mount point on the pedal allowing the knuckle to stay in the same position as standard shift.

This replacement pedal assembly is meant to be used Exclusively with Woodcraft Rearsets.