05-0655B Ducati Panigale V4 2018-20 Rearset

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The foot controls are one of the most vital connections you have with your motorcycle. Woodcraft designs and builds the best Rearsets available to give you the clearance- feedback- toughness- and easy repairability that riders demand.  These rearsets are CNC machined in the USA from the finest 6061-T6 billet aluminum and offer more than twice the durability of OEM rearset brackets.  No more slipping on those gripless OEM Ducati footpegs!!

  • 3-piece Pedals giving you an even stronger assembly and continuing our tradition of easy part replacement.
  • Our trick knurled footpegs give supreme feedback and the best traction available today.
  • Woodcraft rearset kits offer eccentric foot and toe pegs for adjustability.
  • Virtually any part in our rearset kit can be purchased separately from our kits under the Spare Parts tab

This rearset has 12 position adjustment and can be set up to be between .25" below the stock location or as much as .75" higher- and between 0  and 0.5" back from stock.

NOTE: This complete rearset can be used in either standard or GP shift and works perfectly with the OEM quickshifter.

For street use- you should add the 03-0105 fine thread brake switch (you'll be given the option after you add the kit to your cart).


Spare Parts
04-BH610Z 04-BH610Z
04-BH616Z BHSC M6x16Z 10.9(Hand Guards-05-0315B/316B)
04-BH620Z Button Head Socket Cap M6x20 Z screw
04-BH625Z BHSC M6.-1.0 X 25Z (Shift Pedals)
04-BH840Z 8 x 40mm BHCS- Zinc
04-FH1035Z Flat Head M10-1.5x35 Zinc plated (Flat head footpeg bolt)
04-FH612Z FHSC M6x12mm Flat Hd Socket- Zinc(08-7899/7899A)
04-FH614Z Flat Head M6-1.014 10.9 Zinc
04-FH620Z Flat Head M6x20 Zinc Screw
04-FH820Z - QTY: 2 FHSC M8x20 10.9 Zinc Screw
04-SP14B Spacer- Alum- unthreaded- (1/2 OD x 1/4 ID x 1/4 thick) BLAC...
04-WA8Z Flat WasherZinc Large 18.5 OD M8Z(27-3800-05-0501-50-0128L)
05-0640HGB 05-0640HGB Black Heel Guard- Right side Ducati/ MV Augusta
05-0640HGS 05-0640HGS Black Heel Guard- Left side
05-0655L 05-0655L Ducati Panigale V4 2018-20 Left Bracket
05-0655R 05-0655R Ducati Panigale V4 2018-20 Right Bracket
05-0655RSM 05-0655RSM Ducati Panigale V4 2018-20 Master Cylinder Mount
06-4801 06-4801 Replacement Footpeg with Bolt
08-0655P 08-0655P Shift Pedal Pivot- Ducati Panigale V4 2018-20
08-4620 08-4620 Shift Shaft- 2 Hole- Honda Grom 2014-20- Ducati Pani...
08-7099E 08-7099E Folding Toe Peg Mount
09-0655P 09-0655P Brake Pedal Pivot- Ducati Panigale V4 2018-20
09-4145 09-4145 Short Pedal Shaft- 2 Hole Adjustable- w/bolts
27-6ESP 27-6ESP Eccentric Offset Spacer