MICROLON Lubricants

Microlon's first product, known then as WZ-127, was created in 1964 by Bill Williams, inventor of the Microlon Metal Treatment. At that time Mr. Williams was working as a gunsmith on weapons and sold modified .223 caliber ammunition to be used in .17 rifles. This bullet, which used a huge charge of powder, created a tremendous amount of heat due to friction where the bullet came in contact with the rifling of the barrel. This friction caused a considerable amount of wear and ruined new barrels after only a few hundred rounds.

To solve this problem, he developed a liquid that combined a cleaning complex with a durable anti-friction resin. The compound was held in a powerful suspension agent to ensure even distribution down the length of the barrel. He garnered immediate success with this product as it extended the life of the .17 caliber barrels used in testing.

Soon, he began to realize the potential of other applications. Viewing the gun barrel as a single-stroke engine, where the bullet acted as a piston and the inside of the barrel acted as a cylinder wall, he began developing and testing a formula that would treat automotive engines.